About us_

Flock mission_

Create an irresistible platform that builds community wealth and offers opportunity for creatives, in their diversity, and on their own terms. To divest from patriarchal systems that are holding inequity in place.

Flock is us_ not you and me, us.

It is a collective of female and non-binary souls disrupting the way online business is done.

Flock is coop_ and we mean it.

It is owned and loved by its members.

Flock is a family_like a big heart family.

We are always encouraging and supporting our members, we know there is a better way to do business.

Flock draws on deep feminine strengths_

Infinite adaptability
Fierce resilience
Stable purpose
Unwavering connection


On a bright and sunny day, with a clear view of the horizon the Hen House Coop decided that the typical online marketplace needed to be torn down and rebuilt with a more inclusive set of values.

We no longer accept existing patriarchal economic systems as they are. We plan to disrupt the inherent marketplace biases in: curation, ownership, value and profit.

Flock cooperative is designed to build and retain community wealth_
Financial, Intellectual, Social, Emotional.


Imagine for a minute, setting yourself at a community marketplace. You walk in with your overloaded basket of goods, you stumble on the uneven surface and trip, scattering your goods across the ground. No-one comes to help.

Imagine for a minute, walking into consulting rooms with your knowledge and services ready to share. There’s no room at reception for your brochures, and the expensive office you rented is too small for your client to bring her children. The landlord is indifferent.

So, how it feels when someone helps you pick up your things, or asks you what they can do to help improve your situation? That feeling when your voice is important, support is available and, when you are ready, your help is welcomed.

That is the FLOCK online marketplace_

Owned by its members_

Designed to support_

Built for sustainable business_

Created to redistribute power_