Become a seller

Do you define yourself as female or non-binary?

Do you make things?

Have you been looking for a supported community marketplace where you can be yourself? 

Where the things you make can be recognised as a beautiful extension of your true self? 

Flock is an online community marketplace that supports independent artists to thrive. 

Creating a path to market as a single creative can be tough. 

Most online marketplaces are based on competition not community.

Flock is a brand new creative cooperative platform designed to broaden your audience. 

And give you complete control over your own shop front. 

Flock is a curated marketplace. This means you do need to register first, but please don’t let that scare you off. 

We understand how creativity feeds the soul and we’ll be gentle.

No hidden costs

The cost to be a Seller on Flock is an 8% commission on sales. This includes 2.7% from Stripe payment gateway and a minimal contribution to keep the Flock online.

Love the detail?

To read the nitty gritty about how this came about, what our mission is, and what it would look like for you as an artist, please deep dive into our FAQs page.