Become a seller_

Flock is a brand new creative cooperative platform designed to broaden your audience, and give you complete control over your own shop front. 

Flock is a curated marketplace. Which means you do need to apply, but please don’t let that scare you off. 

We understand how creativity feeds the soul and we’ll be gentle.

To curate the Flock marketplace we apply our community values to all applications first to make sure we are supporting a cooperative where all members feel they belong.

As we are building this together we are always looking to discover what works and what doesn’t. What you need, what we have and what is missing. This is the very beginning of flock, we are incubating, we are discovering, we are gathering – join us!

No hidden costs

The cost to be a Seller on Flock is an 8% commission on sales. This includes 2.7% from Stripe payment gateway and a minimal contribution to keep the Flock online.

As we build together we need to gather data – please note that ALL of the information you share is strictly confidential and will help us determine whether you are eligible for personal onboarding at no charge, thanks to the support of The Wyatt Trust.

There are three paths to onboarding:

1. Applicants who meet the Wyatt Trust Foundation Grant criteria will be personally onboarded with no charge supported by Studio Veld

2. Applicants who are confident to set up shop themselves may go DIY and set up with no fees attached.

3. Applicants who would love a little bit of support (email support only) can pay a $60 fee to get email onboarding support from the team.

Love the detail?

To read the nitty gritty about how this came about, what our mission is, and what it would look like for you as an artist, please deep dive into our FAQs page.

Go on, fill in your details below and our team will be in touch to help you set up shop!

Are you of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Origin?

Do you have an ABN?

Do you have an online store? If yes please include the link

Do you have any social media accounts relating to your art? If yes please list them

Have you been a South Australian resident for more than 5 years?

Would you take a full time role if it were available?

Do you have a health care card?

Are you receiving NDIS funding?

Are you GST Registered?

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