Community Guidelines_

As a valued member of the Flock community we embrace the journey together always upholding our foundational values.

For our sellers these are:

Authenticity – you created it yourself

Empowering – your creation empowers you and your customers

Awareness – as a creator you are aware of the externalities and consequences of using your product or service

Connectedness – as a creator you understand the interconnected nature of lived experience and how it affects advantage and disadvantage

Kindness – you create with kindness and warmth toward others and our beautiful planet

For our buyers these are:

Respect – the sellers onboard are brave early adopters of a test MVP platform. Consider any issues you may have as an opportunity to provide feedback and support us as a community to evolve together.

Give – your purchasing decisions are powerful. We respect and appreciate your choice to participate in Flock and value feedback as much as your patronage.

Share – together we can build incredible community, you may know businesses who would look to partner or artists who need our support or community members who need a community to connect with. Please use your networks to share generously and connect likeminded humans.