Frequently Asked Questions_

As Flock being built and developed for it’s community we expect the list of FAQs to grow as we learn together what they are! If something you want to know is not yet included please use the feedback form to add your question so we can grow our knowledge base together! Thanks for your interest in being an early adopter of this brave initiative (we are setting out to bring balance to the opportunities for women and non binary folk).

How can I become a seller?

Complete the vendor application form and submit it to us. We welcome all women and non-binary creatives to apply no matter where you are in your creative journey. We have intensive onboarding support for beginner who meet The Wyatt Trust support criteria and self-managed onboarding if it’s not your first rodeo.

Groups are welcome, the more the merrier. Contact us directly on and we can talk through the best option.

Do I need an ABN?

Yes you do 🙂 You can apply for an ABN here. You will also need an active STRIPE account so we can pay you, quickly and easily as sales come through. You can set this up here.

What percentage of sales does flock take?

The platform takes an 8% commission from all sales, This is made up of 2.7% plus per sale fee that goes directly to the payment gateway (STRIPE) and then 5% goes to the Hen House to support the very essential basics like keeping Flock hosted, secured and found on the interwebs. Flock is an MVP being incubated by the Hen House with the support of philanthropy and partners like The Wyatt Trust who are supporting the first round of artist onboarding.  

What is my time commitment in becoming a part of Flock?

While we Flock is being developed for it’s community you are not required to become a member of the Hen House Coop – of course, you are absolutely welcome to and we would love you to join the Chooks, but it is not required. Signing up for Flock means that you will be supported as an artist to run your own webshop within our platform for at least one year. You are expected to maintain and manage your own shopfront and your online sales and customer communications.

What are the ongoing costs of software?

There are no ongoing costs to you as a seller except the ongoing 8% commission on all sales. 

What kind of a say do I have in how Flock works and who can join?

As we build Flock as a platform and a community it is super important that we are having conversation with our sellers and our customers. We love your ideas and hope that you will share them freely with our feedback form. We have community guidelines which we will also continue to refine with your input, that will remain focused in feminist principles.

Are there any restrictions on what I can sell in my store?

Yes, there are.

Yes there are. Flock is for creatives. You need to be selling things you have made yourself or services related to the creative industries. 

The things you definitely cant sell are:
  • Any good or service deemed illegal by the South Australian government
  • Any good or service deemed a health risk by the South Australian government 
  • Goods recalled due to SA Government health alerts
  • Weapons, explosives or the promotion of violence
  • Electronic devices
  • Currency, virtual or physical, including crypto and NFTs, or financial instruments
  • Sexual services
  • Gambling or the promotion of gambling
  • Animals
  • Real estate
  • Vehicles
  • Medical products or services, or any service masquerading as a medical service
  • Pharmaceutical drugs, alcohol, tobacco, vapes, or illegal drugs for that matter
  • Stolen goods


How will I get paid for my sales?

You will need a Stripe account to connect your store to. If you are setting up your account for the first time, the first payment will take 7 days to arrive in your bank account. After that the payments are instant and made directly into your bank account. Flock will take 5% and Stripe will take its 2.7% plus per transaction fee and the rest will land in your bank.

The Flock shop is not available yet, if I sign up as a seller when will I be able to start selling online?

We are launching the platform on Monday July the 4th so you will be able to make sales online from then. 

What would my shopfront look like?

Your shop will follow a template so all ‘shop’ pages have the same style. While we are still developing we expect the design refinement over the next month to continue but for now your page will look similar to this, only with YOUR artwork on it.

Can you help me understand how to price my products for sale?

Yes we can! All approved sellers have access to our resources page which contains information on how to set up your store. The resources section will keep growing as we growing.

How will the products be displayed?

You can see an example here, your shopfront allows you to create your own banner and icon or headshot, and to include some information or your story with your customers.

Is it in line with my values?

We care deeply about co-creating Flock with you based on our foundational values. We would love to learn about what these mean to you:

  • Feminist: honouring the circular feminine strengths in nature, disrupting patriarchy and redistributing power
  • Irresistible: the value is clear, attractive and easy to use, playful
  • Inclusive: open, accessible, participatory, equitable and just for all, acknowledge the artist’s contribution to disruption 
  • Integrity: accountable, honest, transparent and true to our values
  • Intersectional: driven by attention to the interconnected nature of race, class, gender, place, settler experience and the interdependent systems of discrimination or disadvantage
Is it focused on being sustainable?

In case you’re wondering, our commitment to sustainability is nestled into our feminist values. We respect and support the feminine circular strength of mother nature, and we ask that our vendors respect this value by selling environmentally sustainable products.

I am under 18 can I still set up a shop?

Yes, you can.

But to do so you will need to make sure you have a tax file number and apply for an ABN from the ATO.

You can get details on what you need from here: START A BUSINESS AS A YOUNG PERSON 

You need an ABN to set up a Stripe account, and you need a Stripe account to get paid!

Can I use paypal instead of Stripe to get my payments?

No sorry. We have chosen to connect Flock directly with Stripe for its simplicity for the artist and the customer.