Sarah Northcott

(she, her)

Artist, curator, researcher.

Adelaide artist, Sarah Northcott makes small scale mixed media works that record
the visual details observed while walking and exploring her local surrounds. The
act of recording these observations offers a reminder to be ‘present’; connected to
place; and invites an exercise in mindful looking.
Sarah has worked as a researcher, lecturer, curator, and in arts administration.
Recently her research in the field of art and health has focused on how spaces in
the community for arts can promote wellbeing through ‘connectedness’.
This project of making postcard size paintings began in 2020, during the pandemic
and following the birth of Sarah’s second child. Most of the works were made
at the kitchen table with her baby son in a sling. The small scale of these works
and being able to create the content while taking regular strolls around the
neighbourhood, a common activity for all new parents, offered the artist a way to
carry on a creative project whilst caring for young children.