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Coloured pathways


Sold on Commission
Acrylic on stretched canvas.
Canvas Size 40cm W X 40cm H X 12cm D
One (1) only available, each piece made is unique and handcrafted.
Archival double gloss varnish protects the finished product.

Using range of stand-out colours, including metallic green and silver, a magenta tinted with crushed glitter, as well as fluorescents such as orange, I have sought to create a bright and lively blend of movement through the centre of the canvas. The main focal point of the magenta centre is closely linked with deep pools of colour, leading out through the flows of blues and green.

Sold out!

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I am currently exploring the fluidity of visual language and style by mixing a range of mediums. Currently, I am finding inspiration in the light and colour of acrylics, inks and watercolours. I am also keen to involve my original passion, the photographic image, in a tangible way to build on the layers of a visual story.

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