Peacock Reflections


Acrylic on stretched canvas.
Canvas Size 40cm W X 40cm H X 12cm D
One (1) only available, each piece made is unique and handcrafted.
Archival double gloss varnish will protect this canvas before shipping. (And provide a beautiful sheen and depth of colour to the finished canvas)

Using range of vivid colours, including metallics, flourescents and even crushed glitter, I have created an explosion of bubbles from out of the canvas. The centre of the canvas is made up of an intense movement of multi-tonal colours, spreading toward the outer rim, fading in its travel toward the white in a dream of colour delight!

Ships From: Australia

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I am currently exploring the fluidity of visual language and style by mixing a range of mediums. Currently, I am finding inspiration in the light and colour of acrylics, inks and watercolours. I am also keen to involve my original passion, the photographic image, in a tangible way to build on the layers of a visual story.

Shipping costs

Shipping from Australia
Within Australia $12.00
Outside Australia $25.00