Protea Blast


Acrylic, gel and varnish on stretched canvas.
Canvas Size 350mm W X 252mm H X 37mm D
One (1) only available, each piece made is unique and handcrafted.

Ships From: Australia

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Paint has been applied to maximise surface texture, with added layers of paint skin in a range of complimentary colours and patterns to help create a whirl of movement around the native. A gel layer lifts the protea from the canvas, upon which fiery reds, oranges and yellows create the image of a sun blasted protea.
Colours are vibrant and bring warmth to any wall on which it is hung.
All layers of paint, and gel have been added over an extended period of time, providing a solid curing for each layer and a finished piece of art created for longevity. A final layer of varnish will protect the final piece before shipping.

Holding a Bachelor of Fine Art, Kerryn has always held great interest in visual expression, the telling of a story creation of a mood or a moment and exploring the variety of forms and techniques that this imagery can take. Of particular interest is her passion for multi-exposed/ manipulated photography or mixed media to build the visual story.

Kerryn is now exploring acrylic and the range of visual effects that can be achieved through this quick drying medium, to create something to be enjoyed.

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Shipping from Australia
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