Tidal Rush 1


$120 – down to $90
Acrylic Pour on canvas.
Canvas Size 36.5cm Square X 1.2cm Deep
One (1) of this kind available, each piece is unique
and handcrafted.

Tidal swirls of white, blues, greens, silver and sand
create waves across the canvas in a surreal beach
landscape. The folding and blending of colour travel
a smooth progress across the canvas.
Archival gloss varnish protects the finished product.

A second, similarly styled canvas titled “Tidal Rush 2”
is also available for sale to provide a diptych option
for sale at a reduced price for the two at $160 (plus postage).

Ships From: Australia

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I am currently exploring the fluidity of visual language and style by mixing a range of mediums. Currently, I am finding inspiration in the light and colour of acrylics, inks and watercolours. I am also keen to involve my original passion, the photographic image, in a tangible way to build on the layers of a visual story.

Shipping costs

Shipping from Australia
Within Australia $12.00
Outside Australia $25.00