Enchanting Energy Card

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Mischievous and funny, with magical energy. She makes every day a party. People can’t help but be drawn into her world.

124mm x 177mm greeting card printed in Adelaide on luxurious 340gsm white eggshell paper for a beautiful writing experience.

Blank on the inside for your own message. Perfect to keep on hand for a card emergency.

It is always easy to compliment friends for their appearance, but a compliment about something deeper is so much more meaningful. Remind your people why they are special and how much you appreciate them. And give yourself the reminder too, you’re amazing!

The Girls Weekend Collection was inspired by the amazing women I know. All beautiful, unique and special to me, and all in different colours, shapes and sizes. They are a celebration of the joy of being a woman and the collective power and energy that comes when we recognise that who we are is so much more important than how we look.

“You have a magical warmth and energy that draws people in to you”

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Hello there! I’m Sandra Gale, a colour-loving artist from Adelaide, South Australia, and I’m here to bring a sparkle of happiness into your world with my fun and vibrant art.

After following my passion and returning to study as a mature age student, I graduated in 2006 from UniSA with a degree in Visual Communication before immersing myself in the world of creativity as an in-house illustrator with one of Australia’s premium gift brands. After 14 years working on fabulous projects with a beautiful team, I took another leap of faith to follow my dreams and start my own brand expressing my unique, colourful style.

Through Sandra Gale Studio, my work is available as original art and fine art prints, along with a range of décor and fashion, including candles, greeting cards and t-shirts.

My work is a joyful celebration of womanhood. The powerful women that shake the world and the creatives who make your heart soar. The nurturers who support your dreams and the friends who make you laugh until your face aches, but most of all, the special souls who both love and challenge you.

Working with a mixture of collage, acrylic paint, digital media, and always lots of colour and pattern, my goal is to create work that feels joyful.

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