Armour Bangle custom stamped

Please select up a word of up to 9 letters that you would like stamped on your bangle. The letters will display in three rows of three as you can see in this example bangle.


To choose the right size for your bangle, make a fist and measure the length from the outside of the first knuckle to the outside of the fourth knuckle. This measurement (eg 65mm) will tell you what size bangle should fit your hand.

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Made of abrasion resistant and UV reactive machine woven plastic, this extremely flexible, lightweight protective material conforms to the desired shapes of our arm. The commercial application of this product is designed to cover hoses in vehicles. Recycled polypropylene is cut to determine the shape, colour and design of the bangle. Sterling silver tubing is hammered to clamp the bangle to size and stamped with "armour" or letters that mean something to you. To select a customised bangle please select the custom bangle option.

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Blue, Green


12, 14, 16

Return Policy

Items that do not fit properly can be returned via express post for a full refund if within 7 days of receipt. If your item is not the right size please notify me via email and a refund will be arranged. Any returns after that period cannot be refunded, and items with any sign of wear or tear will not be refunded.