e-Book: You must be so tired. By Karissa Jade.


Poems, posts and solidarity for mums of young ones.

You must be so tired: Poems, posts and solidarity for mums of young ones.
(3rd edition October 2022)

"Dear New & New-again Mothers,

I see you, I hear you, I am you.

Sending compassion and courage for the hardest but most important work you’ve ever done.

Karissa Jade."

(Dedicated to Me and my inner child.)

A Little Lions publication.

(1st edition published on Amazon, August 2022.)

“Love the book! Read the whole thing in the night. It’s so raw and incredibly well written…Kept me happy and busy during a feed.” – Alicia Benz, Mum of three-under-five & Owner of Professional Canine Stylists, Kings Park SA. 


“Karissa’s poetry captures the bittersweet emotional complexity and depth that is love and motherhood. With both drama and humour, she writes about how opposites exist mutually all the time.” – Kayla Stanton, Sydney-based Actor & Voice Artist.


“Karissa gave a raw and emotional reading of her poetry that spoke millions to parents everywhere.” (After the first public performance of The mum trap (w)rap.) – Miss Julie-anne, Owner/ Director of Starlets SA.

About the writer

Karissa is Mum to four-year-old daughter and one-year-old son. Their days revolve around routine, rhyme and repair, always featuring books, songs, cuddles and wildlife wonder. She has enjoyed writing since her own childhood, be it stories for school, letters to friends, essays for university, copy for work, journals or poems as gifts. The vast array of books she’s been collecting (and continuously ogling) has sparked joy and ideas, inspiring her to contribute to this delightful and important part of family life for herself and for others.

Karissa knows the power of sharing home truths and tall tales and hopes for little and big readers alike to relish in the enjoyment and empathy hers intend to give.

She is also really, very, extremely, expletively tired. And emotional. And a bit ragey.

Thankfully, she has a beautiful husband and loved ones who listen. And a counsellor. And a cat.

💙 If my work raises stuff for you, please seek support:

panda.org.au (pregnancy & baby parents’ hotline)

Emma Holdsworth (counsellor)

The Aware Parenting Podcast (free between-sessions-while-doing-the-dishes therapy)

📸 Photography by Dannion Hards @dhdarts