natural bath salts lavender flowers


how about some me time bath salts?

helping you soak away the day’s stress as you melt away muscle tension & absorb the natural magnesium sulphate (epsom salt), to increase your body’s magnesium levels.

made with dried lavender flowers to help sooth your mind & relax your stress

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epsom salt contains natural anti-inflammatory properties to help relieve pain & discomforts
magnesium helps increase serotonin levels in your brain so come out feeling on top of the world
help heal post birth tears & stitches
500 ml of natural goodness
sticking to life's simple values... care for each other & the earth

the epsom salts contained in all our soaks have been sourced from the only naturally occurring deposit of this salt in germany, where all miner's are treated ethically

directions: add 1 to 2 cups to a warm (not hot) bath and soak for 15-20 minuets.

caution: do not use if pregnant, hydrate before and after bathing, avoid eye area, for external use only.

ingredients: magnesium sulphate (natural Epsom salt), pink himalayan salt, dried lavender flowers
that’s it just 3 natural ingredients

we are two young sisters, kellie and abbie, passionate about nurturing mums and bubs.

when i (kellie) was 3 years old, abbie was born with a life threatening congenital diaphragmatic hernia, that wasn’t picked up until 12 hours after her birth.

my parents were told it was a miracle she had survived this long and she was then flown to the RCH for emergency surgery.

the experience in the new born intensive care unit, surrounded by so many little babies and helping mum care for abbie is what sparked my passion for babies.

when i was 7 i then announced i wanted to open my own baby shop, and so, as me and abbie have grown up together, we have shared in the dream to open a business and 16 years later we did!!

we have built our brand to be a place that nurtures both mum & bub through the journey of new life through simple health & wellbeing.

we use ethically sourced and uniquely eco materials and promise no more than 8 ingredients in any product, as we stick to our values:

simple, ethical, sustainable

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