Siu Ngan YU

(she, her)

As a busy mum, we usually carry a “mummy” bag with all the necessities for ourselves and our kids. We lug these around with the constant worry of running out of the things such as water, food, nappies, wipes and spare clothes! We thought long and hard and decided on a small bag that you can use and pamper yourself with. This unique and petite bag has the capacity to carry all your essentials in an easy to carry design. It’s also time for some “me time”, treat and spoil yourself once in awhile and refresh your look.

U & Me is the brand, which symbolises two full time mothers who have joined forces to apply our love of arts and craft for personal self care and raise mental awareness. Some of our proceeds will be donated to charities and community groups supporting mental health.

Mothers often experience some form of mental fatigue which may lead to depression, self care and taking up a hobby often helps alleviate issues associated with mental stress. These issues may be overlooked so give your wife, spouse, mum or an important woman in your life a hug or a simple “thank you” for everything they do for us day in and day out. ❤ Let’s spread the love.