Sonja Clark

(she, her)

As a jeweller I have had the opportunity to craft tangible reflections of the world as I see it. I am driven by the details that most of us walk past; the intricate fabric that holds up the world we bustle about in. Inevitably, as I scan my daily minutiae, materials and shapes come forward. Small details are my source of distraction and interest.

Making my ideas tangible in sculpture is the way I communicate most naturally with the world. I am a prolific maker, utilising all kinds of materials to create objects. I have been doing this for as long as I can remember. Formal studies began in the visual arts department focusing on sculpture, photography and drawing before completing a bachelor of design in jewellery and metal smithing from the University of South Australia in 1992.

Since then, I have been developing the technical skills required to realise my designs. Industrial metals, such as stainless steel continues to be a favourite used in conjunction with silver and gold. I also experiment with other medium, particularly if the material itself is the source of inspiration.