Our terms and conditions ensure the Flock community operates harmoniously. The following outlines the rights and responsibilities of users of flock.coop, please read carefully. By using this online marketplace as a seller, consumer or even browser, you are agreeing to these terms.

Advertising and Marketing
Offside Ads
At Flock we believe in the power of community as such we won’t purchase extensive off site advertising. However, in the case that Flock does purchase off site advertising from a social network or search engine (only to flaunt the greatness that is our co-op) zero costs will incur for sellers. If our advertising promotes your listing you will not be charged any advertising fees. All fees are completely transparent, we only charge transaction fees as outlined in the Payments and Fees.

Sales and Coupons
A sale is a promotion that offers a discount on the price of your product, displayed by percentage. As a seller you can run a sale on as many listings as you would like. It is completely up to you as to when and if you choose to run a sale. Please be aware that all sales are available and displayed to all buyers to ensure complete transparency and accessibility. Coupons are codes that can be redeemed for a discount on a product. Coupons do not have to be displayed publicly, sellers can create and distribute coupons at their discretion. At the MVP stage Flock are not offering coupons for sellers. If this is something that would interest you please leave a message on our Feedback Form.

Payments and Fees
Transaction Fees

Flock takes an 8% commission from all sales, this is made up of 2.7% plus per sale fee that goes directly to the payment gateway (STRIPE) and then 5% goes to the Hen House to support the very essential basics like keeping Flock hosted, secured and found on the internet. It is extremely important to us at Flock that all seller fees are completely transparent and up-front.

Delivery Fees
Flock does not charge sellers any delivery fees. The 8% commission is deducted from the total sale, any additional charges such as delivery, parcel insurance, gift wrapping are not included in the transaction fee.

Seller Listings
Flock does not charge any listing fees. As a seller you are able to list as many products on your shopfront as your heart desires.

Currently payments are only available to be made in AUD. If you are interested in global payment options please leave your message in our Feedback Form.

Sellers are responsible for their own taxation and GST requirements. Please visit the ATO for more information. 

Privacy Policy
Information we collect or receive

Flock believes that everyone should have full autonomy over their own data and privacy. We want to make it known that there will be no funny business, everything Flock is 100% transparent. When you visit the site Flock will automatically collect some information, including your web browser, IP address, time zone and some of the cookies installed in your device. Additionally, browsing Flock will collect information about the products that you view, what searches are made within the site and interactions with the site. This data is automatically collected and will be referred to as “device information”.
When you fill out information whilst making a purchase such as, name, billing address and phone number, this information is the “order information”. Personal information is both “device information and “order information”.

Information Uses, Sharing, & Disclosure
Flock respects your privacy and will under no circumstances share your personal information with third parties without consent, or without the opportunity to withdraw consent.
Flock uses consensual information to further understand our audience and improve our marketplace and community. Flock is all about positive growth and improving the seller/buyer experience. Your information will only be used to improve your experience with Flock, some of the general examples include; To send marketing materials or newsletters, to process orders, to complete transactions, to create and maintain user accounts and to prevent fraudulent activities.
We may share your information with third parties that perform services for us or on our behalf, including payment processing, data analysis, email delivery, hosting services, customer service, and marketing assistance

Here at Flock we ensure that all users in any capacity are secure and respected. All seller accounts are secured through STRIPE, for more information please visit https://stripe.com/au

Your Rights & Choices
At Flock we provide you with the independent ability to exercise your rights regarding our information collection, use and sharing of your information. As a seller and or buyer you are able to correct, update and delete your account at any moment. Additionally you can change your choices for subscriptions, notifications and messages. Furthermore, you can choose whether we share your information with third parties by opting out. If you are at all concerned about the way in which your data is being used please get in touch with the Flock team through our contact page.

We may update this privacy policy from time to time in order to reflect, for example, changes to our practices or for other operational, legal or regulatory reasons.

Intellectual Property
Flock’s responsibility
As a community online marketplace for creatives, Flock takes intellectual property rights very seriously. Flock is composed of members of the community who are responsible for their own shop front, inventory, shipments and buyer interactions. Flock provides a respectful and community oriented platform for our sellers, but is not responsible for the manufacturing, or delivering of any goods. 

Flock has been designed as a test cooperative, therefore whilst sellers are representative of our creative community they are still individually responsible for their content. Sellers are responsible for ensuring they hold all rights to their content and that they are not violating any third-party rights. 

Flock values the creative rights of all our sellers and will not tolerate any violations of intellectual property rights. Flock reserves the right to review all product listings to continuously ensure authenticity. Flock also reserves the right to disable any listing, shopfront or seller account that violates our terms of use. 

Intellectual Property Infringement
If a shopfront or seller appears to infringe intellectual property rights please contact Flock directly. Flock values the rights of our artists and creatives above all else, therefore strives to respond immediately to concerns and reports of intellectual property infringement. Upon receiving a message we will contact the affected seller to resolve the issue, reserving the right to disable a shopfront and or seller account. To submit a message regarding intellectual property infringement please use the contact page. 

A Flock draws from and connects the individual strengths of its group to grow. It recognises the shifting courage and vulnerabilities of its members as it moves through time. Flock believes that when the full talents of feminine identifying souls are celebrated, supported and utilised, society will thrive with joy and longevity. Our values include fostering a safe and inclusive environment in which thoughtful sellers and artistic sellers can connect. Flock has a zero tolerance policy against discrimination and Hate Speech.

Community engagement is highly valued in our cooperative, consumers are encouraged to write reviews and communicate positively with sellers and members of the Flock community. It goes without saying that Flock will not tolerate any Hate Speech. As a seller on Flock your shop content cannot display any form of discriminatory behaviour or hate speech. 

Prohibited Goods/Items
Prohibited Items
This policy is part of Flocks Terms of Use, sellers who violate this policy can be subject to account suspension or termination. The following items are prohibited on Flock:

  • Any good or service deemed illegal by the Australian government
  • Any good or service deemed a health risk by the Australian government 
  • Goods recalled due to Australian Government health alerts
  • Weapons, explosives or the promotion of violence
  • Electronic devices
  • Currency, virtual or physical, including crypto and NFTs, or financial instruments
  • Sexual services
  • Gambling or the promotion of gambling
  • Animals
  • Real estate
  • Vehicles
  • Medical products or services, or any service masquerading as a medical service
  • Pharmaceutical drugs, alcohol, tobacco, vapes, or illegal drugs for that matter
  • Stolen goods

Delivering your items
Sellers on Flock are responsible for packaging and dispatching their sold products to customers. To ensure Flock is a trustworthy and reliable marketplace for buyers to engage with, sellers must agree to: 

  1. Provide accurate dispatch addresses 
  2. Outline the postage costs in your product listing (no surprises in the check-out)
  3. Dispatch items as soon as possible once they are sold. Items must be dispatched within 30 days of the purchase unless you have specified otherwise to the buyer and they have consented (no false promises please).
  4. Dispatch to the address given on the purchase receipt 
  5. Mark the order as dispatched once you dispatch it. When you dispatch the buyer will be notified.
  6. In the unlikely and unfortunate event that the order does not arrive to the buyer, be prepared to provide proof of dispatch.

Delivery Insurance
It is entirely up to you as a seller to purchase any delivery insurance to protect your packages. Please be aware that parcel compensation is available through many postage services.




Did you really read all that!? I’m impressed! If you think we missed something please jump onto the feedback page and leave us a message.